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Sad news… L.A Models dropped Adrianne. That’s what Adrianne wrote about this in her facebook:

We hope that very soon she will have a new agency and L.A Models lost a big model!!

It’s official! Adrianne published this picture on her facebook page and confirmed that she’s working in L.A Models.  Congratulations!

Hello everyone! A big modeling agency wants to meet with Adrianne next week! It’s so exited! Congratulations Adrianne! Also I added more pictures from the last photoshoot. Enjoy!

Hello everyone. Adrianne had a beautiful photoshoot by Caroline Malouf. Enjoy!


I just want to say a Happy 34th Birthday Adrianne! Hope you enjoy your day!

xoxo Team Adrianne Curry Online

Hello. Adrianne had a beautiful photoshoot by Caroline Malouf. Enjoy!


Hello. Yesterday Adrianne attends Star Magazine’s Hollywood Rocks party. Enjoy!


Hello. Remember when Adrianne tried to find an agent? Well…A few days ago, she published a post about it

An agency I really wanted to work with wrote me back to say my beauty is too “obvious and extraordinary ” to work as a Lifestyle model. They need beauty that is “less obvious”??? Sad I didn’t get an agent, and maybe happy at the same time?

I hope that soon she will have a new agent, because in the USA a lot of good modeling firms! Adrianne do not give up! We are with you!

Hey! Adrianne upload that beautiful picture from new photoshoot on her fb page. Enjoy!

Hello! Adrianne yesterday has new photoshoot. The name of the photographer is still unknown but I added to the gallery behind the scenes picture. Enjoy!